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King Khan and I
Nasreen Munni Kabir made a quiet pact with the movies when she was growing up in England in the Fifties. As an immigrant, the Hyderabad-born settler told herself, she would soak up every Hindi film that mounted the marquee. She did that ' and contin...  | Read.. 
Road to Boral
The sylvan village of Pather Panchali is now a municipal town. And today’s Apus and Durgas play computer games. Debashis Bhattacharyya reports ...  | Read.. 
Casting for the couch
Right beat
Circle of Jag
Tittle tattle
Breaking the mould
Back in the Thirties, acting in films was not considered an honourable profession for anybody. And for a married woman from a well-educated and respectable upper-middle class Muslim family, it was forbidden to even think about it. But Khurshid Mirza,...  | Read.. 
Vows for a rapist
Shall we compose a saptapadi for rapists' 'My beloved, having violated your body, your soul and spat on your rights, I now welcome this opportunity to shorten my jail term by entering into holy matrimony with you. I promise to abuse and dishonour you...  | Read.. 
No woman’s land
Ladies’ circle
Soaps in a soup
Help at hand
INNER EYE: Shah Rukh Khan
King Khan and I
Move over, classics
Hi-tech Hindu rides
I wanna be inna movies
Can I be in your movie' I asked my son, abruptly. 'NO,' he replied just as peremptorily, 'We need s...  | Read..