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April was not for fools
April was a good month for self-congratulatory diplomacy. First, there was the state department of the United States of America expressing its readiness to transform India into a great power. Then came the exhilaration over the visit of the remarkabl...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Bag full of good intent
Sir ' The Supreme Court's effort to reinforce the Dowry Prohibition Act by introducing 13 new direc ...  | Read.. 
Judgment day
Sir ' The conviction of Aftab Ansari and six of his aides in the American Center attack of January ...  | Read.. 
What a debut!
Sir ' For some time now, I have been suffering the poor quality of journalism in The Telegraph Read.. 
Being tarred with the same brush is hardly something to be proud of. Boycotting parliament sessions is not a new tactic, both...| Read.. 
A government is only as good as its policies. There is much to commend in Mr Arjun Munda's attempts to woo investors to Jhark...| Read.. 
Back from the dead
The entire country seems to have demonstrated against the Japanese attempt to rewrite history in their textbooks, by whitewas...  | Read.. 
Disillusionment in living is the finding out nobody agrees with you...Complete disillusionment is when you realise that no one can for they can't change. ' GERTRUDE STEIN
Gift of brass
Brass Baja Stories from the World of Indian Wedding Bands By Gregory D. Bo...  | Read.. 
Out of the darkness
Mad About The Mekong: Exploration and Empire in South-East Asia By John Ke...  | Read.. 
A tryst with destiny
Memoirs of a Rationalist By Vasant Sathe, Stellar, Rs 495...  | Read.. 
Someone really cares
Serving the Nation: Cultures of Service, Association, and Citizenship in C...  | Read.. 
When copy rights are wrong
Every major Indian educational publisher knows it: more than half the scho...  | Read.. 

Are other worlds possible'