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Battle-ready superjumbo storms skies
The world's biggest airliner, the European Airbus A380, flew for the first time today in a new challenge to US rival Boeing Co. in the battle for the global aviation market. ...  | Read.. 
Woman MP shot dead in Baghdad
Gunmen shot dead a member of Iraq's parliament outside her house in Baghdad today, Iraqi police said. ...  | Read.. 
Italy vote
Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi won a confidence vote in parliament today, giving him up to a year more in power to persuade sceptical electors to give him a second ...  | Read.. 
Putin in Israel, proposes peace meet
Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived today on the first visit to Israel by a Kremlin leader, after proposing a peace summit in Moscow to try to resolve decades of Israeli ...  | Read.. 
Brad Pitt with AIDS orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Pitt is on a three-day tour of the region and will meet people connected to the AIDS pandemic in ...  | Read
David's trail
Ear itch
Rare birth
Cash crunch on Pope mind
Cash as much as congregations could be on Pope Benedict's mind as he gets to grips with heading a f..  | Read.. 
Children hooked on food by games, toys
Food manufacturers are using sophisticated tactics to market sweets, fast food and sugary breakfast ..  | Read.. 
Blair hits back at 'liar' label
Prime Minister Tony Blair accused the opposition Conservati ...  | Read.. 

PM beer best
Prime Minister Tony Blair is pints ahead of his rivals when ...  | Read.. 

Lakhani found guilty of aiding terror
A British businessman was found guilty today of trying to a ...  | Read.. 

Zardari says PPP ready for talks
The husband of Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan's Opposition leader ...  | Read..