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Fruit fly link to sleep
A mutation in a gene in fruit flies may help scientists devise new therapies to ensure people get a good night's sleep....  | Read.. 
Banderas, JLo in Bordertown
Antonio Banderas is set to join Jennifer Lopez in the thriller Bordertown, pairing the two stars for the first time o ...  | Read.. 
Phone finds spider antidote
Doctors in Britain were able to treat a chef bitten by a poisonous South American spider because he had photographed it ...  | Read.. 
Not such a pretty picture
Selamat Datang. Welcome to Malaysia. The words reverberated in my mind as flight MH 183 touched the tarmac of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This was my first visit to th...  | Read.. 
Check-out: No protection from Net fraud
Balagangadharan was absolutely thrilled when he won the bid at an auction for a refrigerator on an Internet site. On hindsight, he now feels that it was the biggest mistake he...  | Read.. 
Actors Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of the film Crash in California. (AFP)