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The hunger game
It is somewhat like a game of snakes and ladders. Ladders you eat, snakes you die. If you are poor and landless, perhaps of a tribal community struggling to make a living out of forest produce, in one of the remoter villages of ' according to the hum...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
What women want to study
Sir ' It is good to note that the government has woken up to the fact that fewer women are pursuing ...  | Read.. 
Running after ruin
Sir ' Ashok Mitra considers India to be awash with money ('A cynic on cricket', April 18). While la ...  | Read.. 
The distance between a bipolar world and a unipolar world is not measurable in terms of ideology. In terms of chronology, the...| Read.. 
The outsiders' gaze may cause changes in its object. It may be hoped that the expected changes in the sphere of caste discrim...| Read.. 
Victim of petty play
The Congress, true to form, is assaulting those, within its borders, who deliver. The attack on Sheila Dikshit by Congress me...  | Read.. 
For more substance
A curious thing about the United Nations is that it has existed for sixty years without a definite identity. Sometimes the focus is on the general assembly, sometimes on one o...  | Read.. 
A vicious cycle of violence
Modelled on the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Ordinance promulgated by the colonial British government on August 15, 1942 to suppress 'Quit India Movement', the Armed Forces S...  | Read.. 
World, in hounding me, what do you gain'/ How can it harm you if I choose, astutely,/ rather to stock my mind with things of beauty,/ than waste its stock on every beauty's claim. ' SOR JUANA IN'S DE LA CRUZ