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Beckhams redraw legal lines
David Beckham wanted at one point to end his marriage to his wife, Victoria, but she wouldn't let go because she was 'madly in love' with the England football captain, the couple's nanny, Abbie Gibson, has revealed today....  | Read.. 
Quixote readathon
Hundreds of Spaniards declared their love for 'Don Quixote' on the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes' masterpiece wit ...  | Read.. 
Course to wipe out wife beating
Romanian bridegrooms will have to take a three-day course to deter them from beating their wives under new laws set t ...  | Read.. 
Hilton sets eyes on showbiz
Just when it seemed that Paris Hilton's profile in the pop culture firmament couldn't get much higher, she has signed with a ...  | Read.. 
When the sweet taste turns bitter
Have you ever wondered why you love sweets so much' Does chocolate run your life more than you'd like to admit' You are not alone in your love for sweet things. Most people wh...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q:New gyms and health clubs are mushroom- ing all over the city. But I find it difficult to make a choice. What are the things I should look out for while choosing a gym or...  | Read.. 
Singer Alicia Keys performs in New York City. (AFP)