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Pope in open-media pledge
Pope Benedict today reminded journalists in four languages of their responsibility to seek the truth and defend human dignity and pledged to have a papacy as open to the media as his predecessor. ...  | Read.. 
China, Japan to mend ripped ties
The leaders of China and Japan agreed to mend ruptured ties during ice-breaking talks in Jakarta today, although Chinese President Hu Jintao said Japan needed to learn from i ...  | Read.. 
Italy overhaul
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resolved a bruising row with his coalition partners today and named a new government tasked with reviving the sluggish economy ahead ...  | Read.. 
Suspect pleads guilty
Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person charged in the US in connection with the September 11 attacks, pleaded guilty yesterday and said Osama bin Laden handpicked him to fly a p ...  | Read.. 
US actor Jessica Alba at an awards event in Beverly Hills. (AFP)
Tuneful violin sale
Fiddle fun
Pensive, brooding Blair goes on display
When Lorna Wadsworth was invited to paint at a conference of Tony Blair's Labour Party, she lurked ..  | Read.. 
Versace sober designs
Donatella Versace has designs on staying sober after a trip to rehab last year...  | Read.. 
Sir John Mills, acting legend, dies
British actor Sir John Mills, who won an Oscar in 1971 for ...  | Read.. 

Army chiefs cleared of Abu Ghraib abuse
The army has exonerated Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, ...  | Read.. 

Florida fetters 5-year-old
An attorney says he plans legal action against police offic ...  | Read..