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A celebrity' Goodness gracious me
How did Meera Syal become a national treasure in Britain' She hasn't been in a soap opera. She is neither old nor camp, yet she has achieved that rare celebrity status that makes her pretty much unknockable. She's an actor (film, theatre, televi...  | Read.. 
Genghis Khan as the good guy
Of all the images the name Genghis Khan brings to mind, that of a visionary who brought literacy, law and culture to his ...  | Read.. 
Snoring affects sex life, says study
People who snore have sexual intercourse less often than others, says a survey published today. ...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Touch wood
At a dinner party the other night, an acquaintance of mine looked around frantically ' and futilely ' for somewhere to park her rather commodious handbag. Finally she balanced...  | Read.. 
Response: 'Divorce is not the option'
My friend, a teacher, has been married for the last 10 years to the son of a businessman. Her husband, a trained artist, does not do much for a living. They have been living o...  | Read.. 
Famous couple: Meera Syal with husband Sanjeev Bhaskar
A celebrity' Goodness gracious me