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Skill spanner in outsourcing
The Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government may be dreaming of a resurgent Bengal riding on the business process outsourcing (BPO) boom, but there is a bother in the basics. ...  | Read.. 
Campus united in JU expel protest
After a four-day interlude, Jadavpur University will open on Monday with the teaching community joining hands with the studen...  | Read.. 
Woman arrested for daughter suitor stab
When 20-year-old Dinesh Choudhuri first took out girlfriend Seema Ram on a date two years ago, little did he realise how shar...  | Read.. 
Township taps dry as mercury soars
Summer has just set in and the taps are already running dry in pockets of Salt Lake....  | Read.. 
Charting their own future
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's government has asked the 40 municipalities under the Calcutta Metropolitan Area (CMA) to prepare th...  | Read.. 
Trees wed to ward off evil
Two suicides, a murder and an unnatural death in a space of four months ' enough for the residents of Bagha Jatin to suspect ...  | Read.. 
Suicide sets off soul search
Teachers try to gauge what leads to violence in class

After the suicide, soul-search. Alarmed at the spurt of incidents indicating strained student-teacher relations ' particularl ...  | Read.. 
For this Page 3 scribe, screen size doesn't matter if it's something close to her heart. Taking a weeklong break from her Mumbai film schedule, ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, April 18, 2005
Road to avoid
Movie fest
Tryst with the peace trinity
A Legacy of Building Peace is an exhibition o...  | Read.. 
What We are Watching
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 You share your birthday with...
Poonam Dhillon You prefer not to display your feelings. If your trust is betrayed, you can ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Blood bank plan shot down
  Pledge to meet public toilet need
Research centre at CU on Pakistan
In an attempt to strengthen economic, political and cultural ties between I...  | Read.. 

Crash course in handling plastic waste
Jadavpur University, in collaboration with the Central Board of Workers' Ed...  | Read.. 

Murmurs of discontent at homes
Shuvra Roy, in her late 60s, has nowhere to go. ...  | Read.. 

Golden mean for the business traveller
The hospitality industry is on a high and the middle segment is making merr...  | Read.. 

Soul style & forest feel
In a fashion industry largely focussed on women's clothing, here's someone ...  | Read.. 
Ogaan: design destination
Ogaan ' a venture by Delhi-based stylist Kavita Bhartia ' is a designer des...  | Read.. 
Items into ideas
Patta patta daali daali sab yeh kare sawaal: Will the awesome twosom...  | Read.. 
Winning streak in consumer connect ads
Consumer is king and it was reiterated yet again at the second chapter of t...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Soft palettes and tangy flavours
Angels Decoded was the name given to a summery collection by designers Sudh...  | Read.. 
You can't get through this week without'
Going on a fruity diet ...  | Read.. 
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Tie-up benefits for virtual club
Drug raids net eight
Body found
Criminals clash
Railway award
Teachers' protest
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Eatery, dump subdue planetarium charm
From bad to worse
Short shrift for official language
Screen On & Off
Multistarrer with madness as method
From boo to shiver