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Rhythm and emotions

Based on the principle of dance-theatre, Versedance represents a mode of creative expression that brings together literature, music, dance and painting to give birth to an abstract, independent genre of the performing arts. This evening's presentation of Versedance by Nuances reflects an innovative and aesthetically conceived attempt to liberate poetry and drama from the constraints of the text. Exploring through dance the theme of love and temporality in the sonnets of Shakespeare, it also celebrates the vibrant energy of Pablo Neruda's poem, Everyday you play. Subtly choreographed expressions help discover the essence of human solitude, a nostalgic longing for love and sad recollections of the past, in the verses and songs of Meena Kumari. The final piece, Outsider (performed by Prarthana Purkayastha; picture above), based on Euripides' Medea, converts real-life movements into stylized dance sequences to reveal Medea's changing moods. Concept and direction: Jhuma Basak.

Event: Versedance, a dance-theatre presentation by Nuances

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Gyan Manch

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