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Guard pays, not system
A person carrying a walkie-talkie (only police or security personnel
are allowed to use it) is stopping a cart-puller
The person is directing the cart-puller towards a point
Another person is directing a cart-puller
This person is holding something white in his hand with two cart-pullers standing by

On Saturday night, while trying to escape the clutches of a bribe-seeking constable, a truck climbed the pavement and killed two boys. After a shot-gun inquiry, the police authorities declared that no policeman had sought bribe leading to the accident. Yesterday, The Telegraph published pictures of a home guard accepting what looked like bribes. The pictures were meant to point out to the police that since the practice was so rampant, they might have acted in haste while giving the constable a clean chit, if only because two boys, four and six years old, had died.

The authorities have acted fast. They have 'demobilised' the home guard ' he will not get work. Home guards are paid a daily wage of Rs 130.

The Telegraph went back yesterday to the spot where the home guard's pictures were shot and found something strange going on.

The person carrying the walkie-talkie and the man in the check shirt never talk but the process is repeated over and over. If there’s a pattern in their movements, it’s for the reader to decide.

The home guard has been punished but is the system still very much in place' It’s an answer only the police can give. “This case of the home guard apparently accepting bribes is not isolated,” said C.V. Murlidhar, joint commissioner of police, traffic. “If photographs are published of constables and sergeants taking money, action will be taken against them,” he added. On Saturday, when the two boys died, no photographer was present.

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