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Wen to Japan: Face history
China's Premier told Japan today to 'face up to history' by admitting the suffering it caused in World War II, and seriously reconsider its bid for a UN Security Council seat after protests in China and elsewhere. ...  | Read.. 
Bangla rescue clock ticks
Rescuers today struggled to reach up to 150 Bangladeshi workers trapped under the rubble of a nine-storey garment factory that collapsed during a busy night shift, killing a ...  | Read.. 
Clone cattle meat same as original
Meat and milk from cloned cattle are virtually identical to the same products from prize animals bred the old-fashioned way, researchers in Japan and the US reported today. ...  | Read.. 
Police end Germany abduction
German police stormed a cellar where an Iranian man was holding four schoolgirls at knifepoint today, ending a five-hour siege in a western German town. ...  | Read.. 
Dizzy miss lizzy: Elizabeth Hurley with partner Arun Nayar at the Harrods store in London to promote her new line of beachwear. Nayar is seeking a div ...  | Read
Kate has a fling in Little Children
Kate Winslet is in negotiations to star in Little Children for New Line Cinema...  | Read.. 
Elite Rome tailor has new pope all sewn up
Cardinals start choosing a new pope next week, but the successor to John Paul will be all sewn up w..  | Read.. 
Iran House amends law on abortion
Iran's conservative-dominated parliament has approved abort ...  | Read.. 

US Iraq warning
US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld issued a terse warning ...  | Read.. 

Antarctica offers daring women jobs
Fancy something different' The British Antarctic Survey may ...  | Read..