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The X factor
Feminists are going gaga over the finding, triumphantly bubbling with an I-told-you-so air: Men really are the simple creatures they appear. Male chauvinists, too, haven't given up brushing aside the exuberant reaction, saying, 'We're right in branding females as different from [read inferior...  | Read.. 
Courtship game solves a puzzle
This is a copybook example of cooperative courtship. Subordinate wild turkeys help their dominant brothers find eager mates, rather than looking for t ...  | Read.. 
Vampire bats' unique power
Bats lost the ability to run at least 60 million years ago, when their forelimbs became more adapted for flying. But a new study suggests that the Vam ...  | Read.. 
Reason behind rhyme
Karl Mahlburg, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, US, is very happy, for he has solved a puzzle that's 75 years old. We in ...  | Read.. 
Protein clue
Golden rice
Tiniest weight
Sixth sense
Alternative cure
Swiss army knife
When Alan Lomax and his father, John, began making their famous field recordings of Southern folk singers in the 1930s, they had to build their 350-pound recording machine into the back of their Ford. It etched the songs of cowboys and former slaves ...  | Read.. 
Bionic eye
Snoopers' envy
Down the aisle
Airplane cabins contain less oxygen per person than virtually any other public place. Passengers remain stationary for hours, inhaling and exhaling ' coughing and sneezing ' together. No wonder many of the 1 billion passengers worldwide travelling an ...  | Read.. 
Overproduction problem
More deadly than ski jumping
Sleeping aid
Cardiac deaths peak in sleep hours
TV-watching breeds bullies
Protein therapy for cat allergy
Genetic mutation for humility
QED: What's a peer review'
Some of India's top doctors who claim they have used stem cells to treat patients with heart disease have got their work highlighted in the media before publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal. A research team at the All India Institute of Medi ...  | Read.. 
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Why Corner
Why is south pole colder than north'
Doctor's Desk
This week: Paediatric Surgery