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US plans record access to trace terror funds
The Bush administration is developing a plan to give the government access to possibly hundreds of millions of international banking records to trace and deter terrorist financing, even as many bankers say they already feel besieged by government anti-terrorism rules that they consider overly b ...  | Read.. 
Cardinals hint at universal appeal in Pope profile
The Roman Catholic Cardinals will take an oath of secrecy when they enter the conclave to elect the next Pope, but in the week since John Paul II's death many have been p ...  | Read.. 
Israel seals flashpoint mosque
Thousands of Israeli police sealed off a flashpoint Jerusalem shrine today to foil a march by ultranationalist Jews that could have inflamed violence, complicating Israel's p ...  | Read.. 
Blair win forecast with majority trim
British Prime Minister Tony Blair heralded the release of his Labour Party's election policies as campaigning hit full swing today and polls showed he was on track to secure ...  | Read.. 
Mariah Carey performs at a charity event in New York. (AFP)
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Chinese vent ire on Japanese goods
Thousands of protesters in southern China marched on a Japanese consulate today and threw paint and..  | Read.. 
Warmth at first public show
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have attended a church service in Scotland in their..  | Read.. 
HK leader
China's cabinet today ordered the country's top parliamenta ...  | Read.. 

Pakistani abducted
A militant group today claimed to have kidnapped a Pakistan ...  | Read.. 

Maoists free 28 in jail raid
Maoists stormed a jail in central Nepal, killed two policem ...  | Read..