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11-hour surgery gives hope
A Russian man born with genitals so small that he was unable to have sex has been given the chance to lead a normal love life after a new penis was 'grown' on his arm during pioneering surgery....  | Read.. 
Jackie cookies anyone'
His fans own copies of Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon, but now kung fu movie star Jackie Chan wants them to wear ...  | Read.. 
Kill that pain forever
Many of us experience pain and stiffness in different parts of the body because our circulatory system does not function efficiently. Long hours of work, bad posture, badly de...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q: I am a 36-year-old man. I like to go jogging, but I feel tired even if I jog for only 15 minutes. Whenever I try to do any exercise, I experience pain and fatigue. Howev...  | Read.. 
Pop singer Hilary Duff speaks during an interview in Caracas on Saturday. (Reuters)