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Before the union, too hot a handshake
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has told Prince Charles he was welcome to visit the southern African nation, which has strained relations with its former colonial power, state media reported today. ...  | Read.. 
Commoners thrilled to share day with royals
An hour after newly weds Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles left the Windsor Guildhall today, Fraser and Grace rolled up in a bus. ...  | Read.. 
Marlboro Man's home stubs out smoking
The home of 'Marlboro Man', the destination of cigarette-puffing cowboys heading for 'where the flavour is', is banning smoking almost everywhere except in the great outdoors ...  | Read.. 
Expert nod for Camilla outfits
The Duchess of Cornwall's outfits for her wedding to the Prince of Wales were a 'double triumph'. ...  | Read.. 
Prince Charles (left) and President Robert Mugabe at the Vatican for Pope John Paul's funeral. (AFP)
Panda smile
White fowl
Anti-Japan protest in Beijing
Thousands of Chinese smashed windows and threw rocks at the Japanese embassy and ambassador's resid..  | Read.. 
Cardinals in media silence
Roman Catholic cardinals imposed a media silence on themselves today as they resumed meeting to pre..  | Read.. 
Killings put Israel truce under threat
A top leader of the Islamic Jihad militant group said today ...  | Read.. 

Khatami denies gesture
Iran's President Mohammad Khatami strongly denied that he s ...  | Read..