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'Rogue' leader walks in and walks out
Bakshi: Scot free'

Calcutta, April 9: Sanjay Bakshi, the Trinamul Youth Congress president who had assaulted HS examinee Vivek Sharma on Thursday, surfaced in a police station today and walked out with bail.

'Bakshi went to Girish Park police station in the evening and surrendered. He was granted bail,' said deputy commissioner of police, headquarters, Ranvir Kumar.

The police had failed to trace the leader over the past two days, though an arrest warrant had been issued against him. Asked if Bakshi was being treated leniently, Kumar said: 'We had booked him under the sections of the IPC applicable to the case. All the offences pertaining to those sections are bailable.'

A pall of gloom descended on the Sharmas as the news of Bakshi's release came. Vivek, 18, in tears, said he felt let down. 'I am terrified to even think of what might happen, now that he is walking free. I am very concerned about the safety of my family members,' he said.

'They were trying to kill me in broad daylight and in full public view. Yet, the police could not even arrest him by themselves. They had said with my cooperation, they would nail Bakshi, but it appears that they were talking big.'

His father R.K. Sharma, a doctor, said: 'Bakshi could have shot my son if he had a gun with him at the time the incident occurred. He should be in a hospital, he is mentally disturbed and needs medical care.'

The father was apparently struggling to come to grips with his son's predicament. At the CR Avenue-Muktaram Babu Street intersection, a Santro took a U-turn without any indication and Vivek's scooter rammed into it. He fell and started protesting. Bakshi emerged from the car and beat him up before zooming off.

Traffic policemen at the intersection came to the boy's aid, administered first-aid and escorted him to the police station, where he lodged an FIR against Bakshi.

Sharma said: 'I have done my duty as a citizen, and I will not withdraw the complaint. The matter will be taken up in court and we will appear as the state's witnesses. But seeing the police compromise with Bakshi is not inspiring at all.'

'If anyone from the Trinamul Congress tries to pressure me, I will go to the Election Commission,' he added.

Trinamul leaders today admitted that Bakshi had tarnished the party's image and demanded that he be removed from his post.

'We are not backing Bakshi. His activities have spoilt our party's impression on the minds of common people,' said Madan Mitra, the state unit chief of Bakshi's outfit.

Vivek said: 'Bakshi has proved that he is beyond the reach of the law because he is powerful. But what about ordinary people like us' This can happen to anyone. Something must be done to show that people like him cannot get away with everything.' The boy, who prepared well for HS, struggled to write his paper yesterday.

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