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Recruitment policy for management trainees

We are a growing concern and recruit management trainees from reputed business schools and placement consultants. As we are approached by them, there is no need for us to visit them.

Mid-career recruitment

We prefer recruiting young talent and honing their skills as we expect them to grow with the organisation.

We do advertise in newspapers, take help from consultants and also give due weightage to candidates coming with good reference.


We employ people on a monthly-rated basis. The retirement age is 58 years. We do not have a contractual system for employment as we believe in people growing with us.


At present only in Calcutta. But we are planning to expand in all the states in the eastern region.

Jobs on offer right now

Due to our expansion plans we wish to recruit business managers, branch managers (one for every location) and copywriters (one for every location).

Address: Lookad (India) Ltd. P-4 New Howrah Bridge, Approach Road, Suite No 915 & 929, Calcutta 700 001

E-mail: [email protected]

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