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500 years on, pardon plea for Anne Boleyn
Britain's home secretary is being urged to pardon Anne Boleyn, almost 500 years after she lost her head....  | Read.. 
British spy inspired Dracula slayer
The inspiration for the vampire slayer in Bram Stoker's Dracula spied for the British government for decades, accordi ...  | Read.. 
Too young
Britain's Prince William has said he is too young to marry, but his younger brother Harry is madly in love. ...  | Read.. 
Bosses get bullied
More than one in eight people admit to being bullied at work, according to a study that also revealed that some were bul ...  | Read.. 
Hand-holding on high
Monu conquers the bulge of the 20-foot Choto Overhang with practised ease ' moving smoothly from hand-hold to hand-hold, foot-hold to foot-hold, and re-using hand-holds as foo...  | Read.. 
Kylie Minogue performs in Munich in the first of three concerts in Germany that are part of her world tour. (AFP)