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Govt buys six months on Taslima
The Union home ministry is yet to decide on Taslima Nasreen's request for Indian citizenship but recommended that the Bangladeshi novelist be given a six-month visa so that she can stay in Calcutta. ...  | Read.. 
SC seal on lifetime tax for cars
The Supreme Court today upheld the power of the government to levy a one-time tax on new vehicles at the time of registration on the basis of their cost and weight. ...  | Read.. 
Gujarat dissent on Advani table
In an attempt to sort out in-house problems before the party meets for its national executive, BJP president L.K. Advani has summoned three key dissident leaders of Gujar ...  | Read.. 
Reform, Sonia style
Sonia Gandhi has underlined the primacy of economic reforms while stressing that 'Congress ka haath aam aadmi ke saath is our aim'. ...  | Read.. 
Love pips faith at last rites
She is a devout Muslim. He was a Hindu who had converted to Islam. ...  | Read.. 
Actor Shahrukh Khan receives the Padma Shri from President APJ Abdul Kalam on Monday. Picture by Rajesh Kumar
Cops at odds on terror case order
Indian kills self in Bahrain
State to clear certificates
Dogs kill deer
Suicides on verdict day
The Dalals had more faith in their astrologer than in their lawyer. The lawyer may or may not ..  | Read.. 
VAT Asim at Mulayam door
Mulayam Singh Yadav today refused to be swayed by Bengal finance minister Asim Dasgupta's VAT e..  | Read.. 
Siren before Andaman song
Hours before the warning bells rang tonight, the Andama ...  | Read.. 

Fast court heat on Centre
Taking serious note of reports that fast-track courts m ...  | Read.. 

London finance jobs to land in India
Thousands of high-powered jobs in the financial services se ...  | Read.. 

Thackeray PA drunk: Report
Mumbai police today said blood tests have revealed that ...  | Read.. 

Atal state safety net in bin
The government has overturned decisions the Inter-State ...  | Read.. 

Register plan for clinics
Pushing ahead with his plan to clean up and streamline the ...  | Read.. 

Fresh probe into Jenny case
The N.D. Tiwari government in Uttaranchal today announced a ...  | Read.. 

Dalmiya claim
Jagmohan Dalmiya, the former president of the Board of ...  | Read.. 

Seer in Kanchi for an hour
It was not exactly a homecoming when Jayendra Saraswati ...  | Read.. 

F-16 claws come out
The first wave of euphoria has ebbed and the velvet gloves ...  | Read.. 

Natwar nuclear high ground
Making a renewed bid to be recognised as a responsible ...  | Read.. 

3-week breather for Jaya
A special court hearing two cases of unaccounted wealth ...  | Read.. 

Nanavati report
The United Progressive Alliance government will table t ...  | Read.. 

Pak visitor
In what appears to be an attempt to prepare the ground ...  | Read.. 

Islamabad eyes 70 jets for shopping list
Pakistan has hinted that it plans to buy from the US about ...  | Read..