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Thief at home, and not alone
A boy in Class VI of an English-medium school in south Calcutta asks his parents for Rs 2,000 to party with friends. His businessman father refuses. While his parents are asleep, the boy sets a pile of his own clothes on fire in his...  | Read.. 
Dior me, it's brand street hauting up
Tommy Hilfiger today, Tag Heuer tomorrow, Christian Dior the day after' Bits and pieces of Bond Street and Champs Elys'es are...  | Read.. 
Watchdog panel on school fees
A pet peeve among parents made its way to the floor of the Assembly on Monday, with the sharp hike in school fees being the p...  | Read.. 
Multi-plan of TV major
Zee Network has A-Z entertainment plans for Bengal, chairman Subhash Chandra revealed when he called on commerce and industri...  | Read.. 
Actor, artist, musician...
All of 11 years old is Parag Bhatnagar (picture left), but the youngster is well on his way to fame, fortune and stardom. The...  | Read.. 
Rights cry to home ouster
Mokhter Sheikh, 27, an inmate of Kishalay, the home for destitute children in Barasat, attempted suicide earlier this mon...  | Read.. 
Curry-culum, or how to cook up a chef
How to select, prepare and cook meat or seafood. How to control and order stock. How to implement food-safety procedures. ...  | Read.. 
Drainage lines running under Chowringhee Road are being strengthened to take the flow-out of rainwater from the flyover. The project entailed digging ...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, March 29, 2005
On stage
Hail, the Elephant God
The beauty of Indian cultural heritage lies in its...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Jennifer Capriati You're undaunted by any adversary. ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Anatomy of a relationship...  | Read.. 
Cargo zone set to take off
Calcutta airport is taxiing for an ambitious take-off....  | Read.. 

Test radiation risk for young women
Sunayana Arora is barely 16 and Anita Mitra 23, but both have undergone mul...  | Read.. 

Sons told to take back old widow
Calcutta High Court on Monday ruled in favour of an aged mother who had bee...  | Read.. 

Two lives lost in scooter joyride
Two teenagers were killed and a third seriously injured in a road mishap in...  | Read.. 

Meet call on Eden
A senior army officer on Monday invited officials of the state forest depar...  | Read.. 

School to probe hair-yank slur
Almost a fortnight after a teacher of Our Lady Queen of the Missions allege...  | Read.. 

Spring styles
The Calcutta chapter of Sindhar Institute of Gemology, a city-based gem and...  | Read.. 
Lamp lustre
Light and lifestyle go hand in hand. The right shade can create the mood ...  | Read.. 
Kiran's Call: Couture contradictions
Ten years before its time, a fashion is indecent, 10 years after, it's hide...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Sinful Saturday makes a splash
If you thought Holi fever ended on Friday, revellers had reasons to disagre...  | Read.. 
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