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What's in a number'
Hey, cellphone-user, when was the last time you memorised a phone number' It may have been before you got your cellphone, because ' perhaps unintentionally ' you've become reliant on the gadget as both a communication device and a phone book ...  | Read.. 
Spider silk secret cracked
Spider silk will come handy for the making of airbags and bulletproof vests, among other things. After 15 years of study, biologists at the University of Wyoming, US, have cracked the code of this amazingly ...  | Read.. 
Thermal fallout
Itís part of a studentís doctoral work at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur ó an eight-page research paper published in a journal ...  | Read.. 
Water crisis at Cherrapunji
How to cope with the scarcity of drinking water following a tsunami, like the one that hit the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean recently' ...  | Read.. 
Origin of X
New shrimp
Saturn vapour
Sex difference
Basic truth
Wrong syllabus
Better mousetrap
Google has so firmly staked out its place as the Internet search-engine leader that it has even earned a place as a verb in the English lexicon. Paradoxically, because of its popularity, there may be no better time to try something different. ...  | Read.. 
Quickest robot
Nanoscale chip
Trapped bugs
You've had a cold for five to seven days and thought you were getting better. Then it grew worse. More congestion, increasing fatigue and now headache or facial pain around your nose or eyes or upper teeth. You guessed it was a sinus infection. ...  | Read.. 
Triple-attack on liver
How deadly was bird flu'
Offbeat cure
Parents' watch crucial for kids' future
Mercury and autism linked
Blood count index for women
More stressful than marriage
QED: To Link, or Not to Link
The tentacles of copyright acts never seem to set the World Wide Web free. The French news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) has sued the Internet search giant Google for $17.5 million in damages for copyright infringement for publishing photos, headl ...  | Read.. 
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Why are mobile phones banned in a petrol pump'
Doctor's Desk
This week: Orthopaedics