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Slice of moon

Hyderabad, March 26: An Indian owns a piece of the Lunar Republic. Thirty-two-year-old Rajzeev B. Baagree, a ball bearings dealer in Hyderabad, 'bought' five acres of land on the moon for Rs 7,000.

'I bought it 18 months ago as part of my dream to leave something for my grandchildren,' said Baagree who is yet to get married. He made the 'purchase' on, the website of the Lunar Republic, which claims to be an international business company registered in New York. The website is offering a fourth of the nine billion acres of real estate on the moon for prices ranging from $19 to $37 an acre.

Eight million dreamers across the world have 'reserved space'. They hope to get possession after a voyage to the moon in 2015. Baagree has also booked his seat on the voyage, part of the 'Kennedy II Lunar Expedition'.

Asked what he plans to do with the land, Baagree said he might build an entertainment-cum-residential complex or start some business. 'I will decide on what use I will put it to after I visit the site and take possession after 2015.' The land he has been 'sold' is south of Crater Pluto.

Baagree belongs to a business family that has been dealing in engineering goods for three decades and has recently entered cement. But he's the first to set his sights on the moon. 'I am not really bothered if these claims and offers will come true. If it really materialises, I have something for posterity. Otherwise, I just lose Rs 7,000, which is all I have paid for the purchase,' he said. Even that money came from an Internet lottery he won in 2003.

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