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Secret life
One mislaid credit card bill or a single dangling e-mail message on the home computer would have ended everything: the marriage, the big-time career, the reputation for decency he had built over a lifetime. So for more than 10 years, he ruthlessly kept his two identities apart: one lived in a Westchester County hamlet and worked in a New York office, and the other operated mainly in clubs, airport bars and brothels. One warmly greeted clients and waved to neighbours, sometimes only hours...  | Read.. 
Still a mystery
India's bone collectors are baffled. Fragments of fossilised human bones discove ...  | Read.. 
No takers for mining gear
Only two to three decades back, Calcutta was the hub of manufacturing electrical ...  | Read.. 
Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha in Silsila, a Bollywood blockbuster that exploited the other-woman syndrome
Secret life
ET hotline
Sperm clock
Bee code
Vanishing tribes
Biased research
Laughter therapy
Drug warning
Comfortable click
Designers of digital cameras try to take care of everything. Unless users want more control, all they usually have to do is point and shoot. The camera does the rest: setting focus, aperture and shutter speed. ...  | Read.. 
Crimes in 3-D
Simpler SMS
Freud's tips
Perhaps it is no surprise that the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, should have argued that most of our real motivation lies below conscious awareness and requires the (expensive) services of a psychoanalyst so we can explain ourselves to ou ...  | Read.. 
Limited benefit
Cross-border invasion
Survival of the noisiest kid'
Black Death shield against HIV
Clean chit from US court
Nitric oxide sign for asthma
Snack clue to nab burglars
QED: Unequal medicine
Medically speaking, women indeed are from Venus, and men from Mars. This is the conclusion of a recently concluded study at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. The study, involving over 40, 000 middle-aged and healthy women, for 10 years, foun ...  | Read.. 
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Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman
Rodale Books; $ 24.95 ...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why does potassium cyanide cause instant death'
Doctor's Desk
This week: kidney care