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The trouble with religion
I never thought of myself as a writer about religion until a religion came after me. Religion was a part of my subject, of course ' for a novelist from the Indian subcontinent, how could it not have been' But in my opinion I also had many other, larg...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
My enemy, my friend
Sir ' Zarin and Bilal Musharraf were great hits in Delhi, but that was only to be expected ('Winnin ...  | Read.. 
Hair trigger
Sir ' If a teacher can beat up a five-year-old mercilessly for a minor lapse like not carrying her ...  | Read.. 
Ideological fervour and principles grounded in reason are always at loggerheads. Most haters of Mr Narendra Modi, the chief ...| Read.. 
A new beginning
Disappearing act
Where will it sting next'
Comeback trail
Muddying the waters
Relic of the past
We cannot have heroes to dine with us. There are none. And were those heroes to be had, we should not like them...the persons whom you cannot care for in a novel, because they are so bad, are the very same that you so dearly love in your life, because they are so good. ' ANTHONY TROLLOPE
How the race was won
It's not often that the Central Bureau of Investigation is urged to look into political 'horse-trading'. But Jharkhand's Shib...  | Read..