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Enough is enough
When the United Progressive Alliance and the left put together their common minimum programme, there must have been lengthy discussions among the constituents of the UPA and the left about the limits to which the government could go on various issues...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Fair-weather friends
Sir ' Now that she has consolidated her political standing, Sonia Gandhi seems to think that it is ...  | Read.. 
Justice for all
Sir ' A uniform civil code need not necessarily be gender just, but a gender-just civil code must a ...  | Read.. 
Hemming and hawing takes a while. So the president of Pakistan, Mr Pervez Musharraf, will reportedly be watching the last one...| Read.. 
The laws notwithstanding, politicians have their own rules of the game. What happened in Jharkhand ' and in Goa before that '...| Read.. 
Serving Whose Cause'
The reputation and career of the former Dutch prime minister, Ruud Lubbers, lies in ruins, but his forced resignation as Unit...  | Read.. 
Home, new home
The national policy on rehabilitation and resettlement, announced by the National Democratic Alliance in February 2004, did not fulfil expectations. Hopefully, things will be ...  | Read.. 
Warnings loud and clear
Protection from exposure to tobacco smoke: 1. Parties recognize that scientific evidence has unequivocally established that exposure to tobacco smoke causes death, disease and...  | Read.. 
Agreement reached by the negotiators...usually starts to collapse in the hands of those who implement it, no matter how carefully cleared at the top. ' GEORGE P. SHULTZ