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The challenge ahead
No one would have remarked if they saw a seven-year-old girl working as a servant in the house next door. Only when her employer's dog bit her to pieces, while she was locked into a dark house with two dogs and an ill old woman, did she become 'vis...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Win-win situation
Sir ' If it weren't so poignant, because of the involvement of a month-old baby, the situation woul ...  | Read.. 
Man of action
Sir ' It is unfortunate that the editorial, 'President and the people' (March 5), questions the rol ...  | Read.. 
It was rose in Georgia, orange in Ukraine, purple in Iraq ' and now it's cedar in Lebanon. This is how Mr George W. Bush has ...| Read.. 
Power and popularity can be risky things for a leader who is unsure of how to use them. Mr Subash Ghisingh wants to use them ...| Read.. 
Time to bridge the god gap
With the Page 3 revolution in the bag, will the media turn to the almighty next' It would be a stroke of genius if we could e...  | Read.. 
A paler shade of red
Of the many constants in the political scene in Bihar, and also Jharkhand ' such as casteism, corruption, lawlessness ' is the continuing decline of the Communist Party of Ind...  | Read.. 
Reach out to the young
As the survey was conducted in rural areas (villages) in the district and urban areas were not included in the survey, the findings are applicable only to rural areas of Dhanb...  | Read.. 
Never think that you're not good enough yourself. A man should never think that. My belief is that in life people will take you much at your own reckoning. ' ANTHONY TROLLOPE