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Privacy shield in night club
Elizabeth: Free

London, March 9: This is a legal ruling in which the Bollywood celebrity couple, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor, who were at the centre of a 'lip lock' controversy, will have more than passing interest.

A judge in London High Court said today that a nightclub manager could not distribute close circuit television footage of Mick Jagger's daughter, Elizabeth, 20, engaged in 'sexual activities' with her boyfriend on his premises, because she had a 'legitimate expectation of privacy'.

A great deal of publicity has already been given to reports of Elizabeth's sexual intimacy with 23-year-old Calum Best, son of the footballing legend and well known alcoholic George Best.

Both the Rolling Stones singer, who is now Sir Mick Jagger, and George Best, considered by many to be the most talented UK footballer of his generation, pursued women in their time ' and, to be fair to them, were pursued even more energetically by the women.

Their children seem to be maintaining family tradition.

Today, Elizabeth won a temporary injunction from Justice Bell, 'preventing disclosure or publication of the footage or any still from it, either original or copied, against John Darling, the manager of the London Kabaret's Prophecy Nightclub'.

Neither Elizabeth nor Calum were in court today, when Justice Bell said that the couple 'engaged in sexual activities' just inside the closed front doors of the club at 4 am on February 17, unaware that they were being recorded by a camera they had not noticed above them. They were where they might be surprised by someone passing close to them but could not otherwise be seen.

The judge said: 'Although the claimant may be said to be guilty of misconduct in a most general sense, she was not in my view on the present information guilty of such moral turpitude as to prevent her seeking her remedy from the court.'

The balance between her right and Darling's right to freedom of expression ' on the present evidence ' fell firmly in favour of restricting publication, the judge added.

Sexual activity in London's nightclubs, peopled by brutish footballers, fading pop singers, minor TV folk, publicity hungry Page 3 girls and entirely sober tabloid journalists on the hunt for 'celebrity' indiscretions, is nothing new.

It could be said that no couple in their right mind would be intimate in such surroundings. But if cameras are set up sneakily to record sexual activity, it would take invasion of privacy across a new frontier.

In this case, the judge ruled that a nightclub is not entirely a public place. Normally, any celebrity appearing in public is considered fair game.

According to one report, Elizabeth, model daughter of Jagger's Texan ex-wife, Jerry Hall, was 'filmed romping with Calum Best in the capital's exclusive Kabarat Prophecy in the early hours following a party thrown by fashion designer Matthew Williamson in full view of an astonished staff. CCTV footage appears to show Best exposing himself in the venue's doorway before grabbing Jagger in an intimate clinch. The pair then continued their sexual escapades despite being interrupted on three occasions by passers-by.'

A source told the News of the World: 'They didn't care that all their groping and petting could easily be seen by security and other guests and just carried on.'

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