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Remains of the day
There was a time when March 8 meant more than an official lip-service to women's rights, or advertisements in Indian newspapers for pre-fabricated ginger-garlic paste that saves women the trouble of grinding fresh masala. For those of us who g...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Bold, but not beautiful
Sir ' 'Make-under', rather than make-over, seems to be the winning formula at the Oscars these days ...  | Read.. 
Governing ills
Sir ' The discretionary misadventures of S.C. Jamir in Goa and Syed Sibtey Razi in Jharkhand have m ...  | Read.. 
Games of power played in a small field look embarrassingly petty. Even though the outcome of such games may decide the fate o...| Read.. 
'An assembly of good fellows' was Dr Johnson's definition of a club in the 18th century. In Johnson's time, the London clubs...| Read.. 
The freedom song
Does the American invasion of Iraq have a silver lining' Is demo-cracy about to spread through west Asia, toppling one odious...  | Read.. 
Blowing in the winds of change
Is Bihar going the Uttar Pradesh way' This is a question that now merits serious thought. For a time in the early Nineties, it seemed like each state had moved into a new kind of political equilibrium...  | Read.. 
But plots come from ' God knows where. They can't be summoned at will. They come reluctantly, unexpectedly, stealthily, when you have given up hope of them ever paying you a visit. ' JOHN CLIFFORD MORTIMER