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Around the world, solo and sleepless
Exhausted and struggling to stay awake after 67 hours in his cockpit, the American adventurer Steve Fossett touched down in Kansas yesterday to become the first person to fly solo non-stop around the world. ...  | Read.. 
Expert disputes findings
An Australian academic, who has examined the skeletal remains of a three-foot hominid discovered in an Indonesian cave, disputed today a report that they represent a new spec ...  | Read.. 
China eyes Taiwan, to hike budget for defence
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will stress the goal of peaceful reunification with Taiwan in a speech to parliament tomorrow but will give few details of a new law that could pro ...  | Read.. 
Jackson 'gave wine to victim'
The sister of Michael Jackson's young accuser told jurors at his sex abuse trial today she once stumbled on the pop star serving wine to her brother and two other young boys ...  | Read.. 
Violinist Priya Mitchell plays the Lady Tennant violin, which was made by Antonio Stradivari in 1699, at Christie's auction house in London. The vio ...  | Read
Pak rights group slams rape verdict
Pakistan's top human rights group said today that the acquittal of five men earlier sentenced to de..  | Read.. 
'Hobbit' claimed to be new human species
The fossilised remains of a cavewoman discovered on a remote Indonesian island are those of a n..  | Read.. 
Bush for complete Syria withdrawal
President George W. Bush today demanded Syria's complete wi ...  | Read..