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Right steps for business boom
According to Feng Shui, stairs that move up in an anti-clockwise direction symbolise backward movement in life. So, ideally, they should all move clockwise. Also, there should not be any gap between two steps as this will lead to leak of energy. A well-illuminated staircase will ensure energy flows from one floor to the next

Q: Our textile export business has been growing rapidly and we are adding another floor to the premises. The only possible location for the stairs to connect the upper floor is in the west. In what direction should the stairs face and what is the ideal shape' We would also like to construct a conference room to display our products for foreign buyers.


The Solution: It is perfectly fine to have the staircase in the western sector of the office. The first step should either begin in the north or east. Make sure they are not steep. They should move upwards in a clockwise manner in soft curves. Stairs that move up in an anticlockwise manner indicate a backward movement in life. Each step symbolises rising in life, so gaps between stairs are believed to lead to a leak of energy. The steps should be well illuminated as this will help energy flow to the next floor, as will placing a healthy growing plant near the first step. If the stairs are wide enough, potted plants can be placed in a zigzag manner. Adorning the side wall with small pictures of nature helps you grow as you climb. North-east is the best area for conference rooms. Quick orders should come in if you display the products along the north-western wall.

Q: My board exams are just around the corner. I am a good student but have problems concentrating. My date of birth is 22.02.1989. Could you suggest the direction in which I should sit to correct this'

Sujata Singh

The Solution: According to your pillars of destiny, it is essential for you to study in an environment with cool shades of blue. Since there isn't enough time to change the colour scheme, it is better to keep a metal bowl filled with fresh water on a blue mat in the north of your study table. You are going through a phase when your status in life should improve. You can maximise your good luck by facing north while studying.

Q: We are venturing into an advertising business with a few creative heads to begin with. The small office that we have decided on has a number of windows. We are thinking of closing most of them, as we feel they would be a distraction. We would like to keep one wall in the conference room clear to project presentations to our clients. Which wall should it be' Also, what kind of colours and pictures should we have in our environment'

Simran Saxena

The Solution: Enclosed workplaces with no natural light will in fact restrict the creativity of the staff. You should not block the windows especially the ones in the north, north-east and east. Blocking the north means you are blocking the energy flowing from your business direction. This is also true for north-east and east, as they are connected with God's blessings flowing into the office and growth in business respectively. Create an environment that has landscape pictures, large mirrors and bright colours to raise the spirit of creativity. In advertising, blue and green are most productive. Blue is the colour of communication, media and publicity and green the colour of plants that produce paper.

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