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Delhi budget, Mumbai reform
The Reserve Bank today announced that foreign banks would be initially permitted to acquire a controlling stake in private sector banks picked by it for restructuring. ...  | Read.. 
'I have given relief to income-tax payers'
I had articulated the UPA government's principles and our approach to taxation in my budget speech i..  | Read.. 
Rs 10000 chastity belt against black money
Just when it seemed that P. Chidambaram was meandering to the end of the two-hour budget speech, he came up with a shocker o ...  | Read.. 
Back to day of Big Bull
When P. Chidambaram unwrapped the dream budget in 1997, Harshad Mehta had bequeathed the Big Bull sobriquet to the finan ...  | Read.. 
Not a lip service, FM meant it
The finance minister has cast the service tax wide by extending it to 21 new areas. The services sector accounts for about 5 ...  | Read.. 
Best fit ever for wizards of weave
The Union Budget for 2005-06 held out sops for some segments and disappointment for others in the textile industry. The man- ...  | Read.. 
See-saw soprano
One is the reform evangelist, the other a dream merchant. This time, they team up to author an opus..  | Read.. 
Chambers shower praise
The budget for 2005-06 has presented a blueprint for the development of the rural and agricultu..  | Read.. 
High-income class enters sop opera
The glass ceiling has been pierced: taxpayers with incomes above Rs 5 lakh will now be able to clai..  | Read.. 
A tough balancing act
The 5 per cent reduction in customs duties from peak levels of 20 per cent to 15 per cent for b..  | Read.. 
Govt goes full throttle on cess
Petrol and diesel prices are expected to go up by at least 50 paise per litre from April 1 due to t..  | Read.. 
Cigarette gets the stick, bidi dodges the net
The cigarette industry is shocked at the budget proposals to tax it more, while leaving out the bid..  | Read.. 
Highway man crosses new milestone
Finance minister P. Chidambaram has rolled out a Rs 10,000-crore special purpose vehicle (SPV) to ..  | Read.. 
Boot-up command for PCs, cells to ring louder
Computer prices will come down by Rs 300-600 and the demand for mobile telephones could surge...  | Read.. 
Split AC: Chill sets in on price-cut plan
Summer is round the corner ' but airconditioner makers are divided over whether they will pass on t..  | Read.. 
Stamped out: Duty for bourse rejig
The finance minister today granted a one-time exemption from stamp duty on the transfer of assets t..  | Read.. 
Car prices seen in top gear
There is bad news for all those who put off car purchases in anticipation of an excise cut in the b..  | Read.. 
Cautious approach to selloff policy
Divestment is a dirty word ' and it didn't figure today in finance minister P. Chidambaram's bu..  | Read.. 
Cup of joy for tea overflows
The Indian tea industry. has heaved a sigh of relief. ..  | Read.. 
Sweetener for sugar
The loan restructuring programme announced for the sugar industry will largely help the co-operativ..  | Read.. 
Achilles heel remains, moan footwear firms
Budget 2005-06 has failed to enthuse the leather industry, even though the finance minister has pro..  | Read.. 
Growth potion for pharma firms
The druid has concocted a growth potion for pharmaceutical and biotech industries ' but the mavens ..  | Read.. 
Duty cut to make edible oil cheaper
Finance minister P. Chidambaram today proposed abolishing excise duties on refined edible oil and v..  | Read.. 
Banks stand to gain heavily
The banking sector walked away with most of the goodies from the 2005-06 Union Budget as financ..  | Read.. 
Mutual funds glitter
The budget proposal to allow gold exchange traded funds could prod millions of people to shift ..  | Read.. 
Plastic money in favour
The proposal to tax cash withdrawals above Rs 10,000 from banks will increase transactions usin..  | Read.. 
There's a lot to cheer about
Finance minister P. Chidambaram has retained the tax exemption under section 24 for interest payment..  | Read.. 
History will be kind to Chidambaram
One of the biggest problems with Indian policy-making has been incrementalism. By this, what I mean ..  | Read.. 
Small investors need to grow up
The Union Budget 2005 will compel and induce small investors to move out of his comfort zone and fac..  | Read.. 
FM keeps in mind social concerns
Budget 2005-06 was the first major test for finance minister P. Chidambaram to demonstrate his commi..  | Read.. 
Taxpayers free to invest anytime, anywhere
In a decade or so of budget watching, this is the first time I find myself honestly able to say that..  | Read.. 
Symphony of superlatives
Industry shoguns have rarely been more generous with their grades. Why not' After all, they have the..  | Read.. 
Bank reforms gain new currency
Banking sector reforms have entered the fast track. Foreign banks can now convert their branches int..  | Read.. 
Foundation quite strong
This year's budget has been crafted in a manner in which the ship of State is not only on high cruis..  | Read.. 
Serious about social issues
The theme of the budget, at least on face value, is reflected in the last portion of the finance min..  | Read.. 
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