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Aliens on earth
James Cameron, one of the masters of celluloid science fiction, has become fixated with what might be called ‘reality science’ to the point where he has melded science and movie-making into Aliens of the Deep, a 3-D, Imax-scale exploration of geophysics and extreme biology at the bottom of the sea. ...  | Read.. 
Copper can tackle N-waste problem
India’s nuclear scientists may have lessons to draw from the relics left behind by the nation’s earliest metal-makers who produced axes, chisels and bangles from copper over 3,800 years ago ...  | Read.. 
Timeless truths
Some people don’t even think this exists,” says Erik Demaine, turning in his hands an elaborately folded paper structure. The intricately pleated sail-like form swooshes gracefully in ...  | Read.. 
Aliens on earth
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Forward to the past
Some people climb mountains to achieve greatness. Some people try to win championship sports games. John Pultorak built a working replica of a 40-year-old computer. Late last year, Pultorak, of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, completed a four-year project ...  | Read.. 
Scorpion robot
Latest cellphone
Ladder system
Most home medicine cupboards contain painkill-ers. As many as nine in 10 people take such medicines, known collectively as analgesics, to ease a huge range of ailments from pulled muscles or arthritic joints, headaches and toothache to colds and flu. ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Bhansali's errors
Amid the boring movies of Bollywood Sanjay Leela Bhansali's latest film Black may be a departure. Instead of inane love stories, or headache-inducing brawls, he portrays the vagaries of two formidable neurological disorders at one go. After hav ...  | Read.. 
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Neil Tyson, Donald Goldsmith
W.W. Norton; £ 12.99 ...  | Read.. 
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