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One-time rivals meet in city over a cuppa
- No joint venture with Steve, says Sourav

Calcutta: Making Steve Waugh wait at the toss in that epic 2000-01 series was part of Sourav Ganguly's psychological assault on the iconic Australian.

Then, it was time for mind games and more.

Four years on, though, it's not only the skyline across India that has changed: Steve has retired (he did so 13 months ago) and Sourav has grown to be saluted as an outstanding captain.

What hasn't changed, of course, is their respect for each other. And, for around half-an-hour on Monday afternoon, they interacted over tea at a premier hotel.

'Steve had telephoned when I was busy with the Challenger in Mumbai and, so, I had to make a courtesy call,' Sourav told The Telegraph late in the evening.

Talking exclusively, Steve said it 'felt good' to meet Sourav and they had a 'nice chat.'

Clearly, this time, no mind games were played.

Steve, in fact, even visited the Team India captain's signature-eatery (Sourav's, the Food Pavilion) on Sunday and gave it an 'excellent' certificate.

Incidentally, Sourav didn't know Steve would be heading there for dinner.

'I went unannounced' No fanfare and all that' It was intentional,' Steve explained.

According to Sourav, their interaction was 'general' and cricket didn't exactly figure in those 30-odd minutes.

'Steve spoke of being 'free' after retirement, of his passionate involvement with charities' That he plans to be an entrepreneur,' Sourav informed.

Asked whether they intend featuring in a joint venture (Sourav is already an entrepreneur and Steve wants to invest), he laughed: 'We didn't talk business.'

Next time, perhaps'

Steve, who arrived here last Wednesday, leaves on Tuesday.

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