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N. Korea drops nuke bombshell
North Korea declared today for the first time it possessed nuclear weapons and pulled out indefinitely from six-party talks on its atomic ambitions, saying it needed a defence against a hostile US. ...  | Read.. 
007 has the licence to kill and smoke
James Bond can carry on inhaling ' whether from an elegant panatella or one of the Morland Specials that he used to produce from a gun-metal case ' and the censors won't ...  | Read.. 
Benazir, Sharif meet in Jeddah
Exiled former Prime Ministers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif today met in Jeddah for the first time in six years and discussed a joint strategy to regain their political bas ...  | Read.. 
Analysts sceptical
North Korea's declaration that it possesses nuclear weapons does not necessarily mean it has a tested nuclear weapons system that can be deployed, defence analysts said today ...  | Read.. 
N. Korea drops nuke bombshell
Men-only polls in Saudi
Saudi men voted in a municipal election in the capital Riyadh today, the first stage in an unpreced..  | Read.. 
Charles was keen on Camilla from the start
The saga of Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles has spanned more than three decades...  | Read.. 
Crush chaos at UK store opening
A man was stabbed and several people were crushed today whe ...  | Read..