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Nobel laureate physicist Steven Weinberg provided scientists with a wonderful credo by commenting that 'the effort to understand the Universe is one of the very few things that lifts human life above the level of farce, and gives it some of the grace of tragedy.' One has only to see the experts in action to realise how difficult those efforts can be. For example, nearly 300 of them from all over the world will gather at the joint campus of the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre ...  | Read.. 
Mobile phone can make you senile
When you reach for the cell phone while driving, watch out: you may behave decad ...  | Read.. 
Scaremongers proved wrong
QGP is an unknown realm; how much so became apparent in 1999, at a time when the ...  | Read.. 
Think like einstein
Albert Einstein's achievements in his annus mirabilis a hundred years ago ...  | Read.. 
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Complex machine
Whoever said “technology marches on” must have been kidding. Technology doesn’t march; it sprints, dashes and zooms. That relentless pace renders our storage media obsolete with appalling speed: 5 1/4-inch floppies, zip discs or whatever ...  | Read.. 
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Hardly normal
Nathan Rowman was in his late 80s when he was hospitalised for a suspected heart problem. Seemingly overnight, Rowman, who had been running his own business and going to work every day, became so confused that his children considered putting him in a ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Leprosy, an enigma
The 'last mile' in the race to eradicate leprosy may not be truly so. Public health experts have said that the goal is now within reach in India. At a meeting, organised by the International Leprosy Union (ILU) in New Delhi last week, experts once aga ...  | Read.. 
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