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'I waited long, boss'

Calcutta, Feb. 1: Narain Karthikeyan's phones are ringing non-stop.

'I've waited long enough, boss,' Narain told The Telegraph over phone from Mumbai. 'I've waited since 2001, and that's long enough. This had to happen, sooner or later, the politics at the top in F1 notwithstanding.'

Jordan has been a good deal. 'Five days of dealing and it has to be signed and sealed in the next few days,' said Narain.

So how is he feeling' 'The phones just don't stop ringing.'

Asked how he will cope with the expectations of a billion people, he said: 'Yes, the pressure will be there. But people must understand that the team is Jordan and a lot of youngsters around (drivers and all), and you can only expect that much.'

What about Melbourne' 'The big problem is that I have never driven in Melbourne. I will, of course, get seven days of testing on the track and I believe I will adjust. Plus I will definitely be improving throughout the year.'

And how will F1 change his life' 'It's going to be a lot of travelling and so on' hectic is the word. This will be my first year, so I want to put in 100 per cent. I need to focus, but let me tell you, I will always have time for family.'

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