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Typhoon year
What are you up to, you frozen whale, you smoked, dried, canned piece of soul' So did Albert Einstein, then a 26-year-old patent clerk in Bern, Switzerland, begin a letter to his pal Conrad Habicht in the spring of 1905. ...  | Read.. 
An eerie experience
A small probe stranded on a far-away and hostile world operates for two precious hours at a temperature of 300 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, desperately transmitting information to its mother ship before that spacecraft disappears below the horizon ...  | Read.. 
When radiation is a saviour
Although India is one of the largest producers of onion, lentils, cereals and vegetables, an average Indian does not consume much of those food items. And poverty is not the only deterrent to his or her access to them; rather, its the post-harvest decay ...  | Read.. 
Typhoon year
No collision
Methane river
Speed demons
Orange plastic
Young genius
Bike on move
Just a fad
A gun to kill 007
Since lasers were invented more than four decades ago, they have been pointed at lots of things ' PowerPoint presentations, CDs and bar codes on grocery labels, to name just a few. But there have always been incidents where the devices were aimed whe ...  | Read.. 
'Evil Twin' horror
Common charger
Handle with care
Mobile phones have become as much a part of the 21st-century childhood as pocket money, trainers and downloaded pop music. The scale of juvenile phone use made the recent statement from Sir William Stewart, head of the National Radiological Protectio ...  | Read.. 
Potion from a spice
Valuable data for ad gurus
Strong defender
Asthma control vital during pregnancy
Viagra to cure enlarged heart
Coffee as a healer
QED: Guinea pigs for free'
It's being touted as India's chance of catching up with 'cutting-edge technology' in drug discovery. Private players involved in clinical trials have argued that recruiting patients from India for clinical trials of candidate drugs developed abroad wi ...  | Read.. 
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Jeffrey Lockwood
Basic Books; £ 25 ...  | Read.. 
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Why do sneezes usher in a runny nose'
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