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Gerhard & Günter
Not many noticed the tall, unassuming 54-year-old as he quietly walked alongside G'nter Grass. He was there ' in the gaggle of awed fans, press corps and VIPs trailing after the Nobel prize-winner as he retraced his 'Calcutta step' this week ' and yet...  | Read.. 
Fleeced in Cairo
Despite the signs in Arabic, the men in galabias and the well-padded women in hijab, the place reeks of Calcutt ...  | Read.. 
Giving peace a chance
Ben's burden
Novel manner
Sell well
Libyan libretto
Tittle tattle
In search of red
In the early months of 2003, when the Nepal government had signed a ceasefire pact with the Maoists rebels, writer Manjushree Thapa decided to trek through the heart of the Red-controlled countryside.Till then, the former Nepalese diplomat's daughter...  | Read.. 
Last Word: Kitchen boys
Browsing a brand-name designer kitchen store in Delhi, I begin to feel slightly out of place. To the right, two men are discussing the merits of cooking ranges. The guy on the left is choosing spice boxes with a stern eye for detail. ...  | Read.. 
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Gerhard & Günter
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