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Rebels recruit tsunami kids
The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) has received reports that Tamil Tiger rebels are recruiting children displaced by last month's devastating tsunami as soldiers, and has warned the rebels to stop preying at shelters. ...  | Read.. 
Income fines
Britons found guilty of minor crimes, such as driving a car without insurance, could find themselves fined according to their income ' with better-off transgressors facing a ...  | Read.. 
Fergie: Harry a good man
The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson has defended her nephew Prince Harry for wearing a Nazi uniform at a costume party, calling him 'a very good man'. ...  | Read.. 
Religion's dark side
Dozens of Muslim and Christian groups are exploiting the chaos wrought by the tsunami in the Indonesian province of Aceh to spread their message and compete for influence, se ...  | Read.. 
Canadian pop stars Anne Murray (left) and Bryan Adams at the Canada For Asia tsunami concert in Toronto. (Reuters)
Kids drive parents like taxis: Survey
Millions of parents spend large parts of their lives as unpaid chauffeurs, clocking up an average o..  | Read.. 
Charles wants sons to atone: Report
Britain's Prince William has been ordered to join his tearaway younger brother Harry on a private v..  | Read.. 
Noisy love
Noisy lovemaking is no cause for eviction ' so long as it's ...  | Read.. 

Canals dry out in Venice
Gondolas are running aground and hotel docks hang in midair ...  | Read.. 

Warm winter wakes up bears
Estonia's warmest winter for two centuries has woken some o ...  | Read.. 

California killer slide moving again
Rescuers called off search and recovery efforts today at th ...  | Read..