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Thailand plans to exhume bodies
Thailand is to exhume hundreds buried after the Indian Ocean tsunami, restarting the arduous task of putting names to thousands of unidentified bodies, including those of the many missing foreign tourists. ...  | Read.. 
US, Pak talks on Qaida
Pakistan and the US today discussed the efforts being made to track down high profile al Qaida and Taliban fugitives in the South Waziristan region. ...  | Read.. 
Cracker of a July 4 collision in space
A spacecraft is to be launched this week on a spectacular mission to blow a chunk the size of Rome's Coliseum out of a comet. ...  | Read.. 
Jakarta seeks help on rebellion
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has asked six nations, including the US and Britain, for advice on how to resolve a simmering separatist rebellion in tsunami-de ...  | Read.. 
Colin Farrell at a photocall to promote his latest film Alexander in Rome. (Reuters)
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Oscar Passion for 9/11 under test
It's hard to feel much sympathy for Oscar voters, with their free screenings, free screeners an..  | Read.. 
Abu Ghraib accused lawyer defends abuse
A lawyer for Charles Graner, accused ringleader in the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal, defended piling..  | Read.. 
Answer to AIDS lies in change in a gene
A single change in a human gene may hold the key to prevent ...  | Read.. 

Galle students back in school
Books are soggy, desks broken, classrooms home to displaced ...  | Read.. 

Documents show UN programme lapses
Internal UN audits of the Iraqi oil-for-food programme foun ...  | Read.. 

Unhappy Italy wakes up to cigarette fines
Smokers in Italy lit up in the streets today as a new anti- ...  | Read.. 

Abbas win stirs hope for peace talks
A sweeping victory by Mahmoud Abbas, an advocate of non-vio ...  | Read.. 

Attack kills police officer
Gunmen assassinated Baghdad's deputy police chief outside h ...  | Read..