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Return of the native
Tucked away in one of the inside pages of the Metro section of The Telegraph on Saturday was a report about a British couple, which may have been missed by all but the most attentive readers of the paper. The report was a straightforward story...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Turning a new leaf
Sir ' The first thing I would like to wish Calcutta in 2005 is a clean Calcutta with no garbage or ...  | Read.. 
Get it right
Sir ' Recently, several billboards trying to raise awareness on AIDS have appeared all over Calcutt ...  | Read.. 
Free smoke
Sir ' In spite of the ban on smoking in public places, one can see many people smoking freely in r ...  | Read.. 
Violence is a simple matter, just a few figures on a chart. Every police station has them on the wall. And if it is violence ...| Read.. 
Anything for a ticket
Survival strategies
Parting is such sorrow
Next in line
On the move
Can't please 'em all
I thought of my mother, who would publicly campaign for birth control but would never even think she needed to talk to me, so firmly was she convinced that sex was something no woman ' no intelligent woman ' would ever submit to unless she had to. ' ALICE MUNRO
Sense of relief
Fifteen days after the tsunami, Akkaraipettai still looks like a madman's warped playground. Mangled boats lie forsaken a kilometre from the shore...  | Read..