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Skies rain help after week of horror
Help finally came from the sky today for Indonesian villages washed flat by the tsunami a week ago, but no amount of aid could stop the loss of life. ...  | Read.. 
Email tells of escape from waves' wrath
On Christmas eve Kate Salter sent her father an email from Thailand. She was taking a two-week break from her job teaching English in Tokyo. Kate, 24, described her idyllic su ...  | Read.. 
Bush orders US flag at half mast
President George W. Bush ordered the US flag to be flown at half mast for five days to honour victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami as a White House delegation prepared to visi ...  | Read.. 
Kuwait minister quits before 'immoral concert' quiz
Kuwait's information minister resigned today, one day before he was due to be questioned in parliament mainly over allowing 'immoral' western-style concerts in the Muslim cou ...  | Read.. 
A Sri Lankan child stands in water at a relief centre in the village of Vinayaga Moothy Kanagarayjah on the country's tsunami-affected coast between ...  | Read
Freed inmates return
Australia plea
Quake alert
Baby search
Suicide attack kills 26 in Iraq
A suicide car bomb hit a bus carrying Iraqi National Guards today, killing 26 people in the deadlie..  | Read.. 
Lanka stares at long road to recovery
A week after a deadly Indian Ocean tsunami devastated coastal Sri Lanka, the country is counting th..  | Read.. 
$45m sale beats Murdoch
Ocean views, private beaches and 14 bathrooms are fine ...  | Read.. 

World Bank
World Bank president James Wolfensohn said he expected the ...  | Read.. 

Breath test for boatmen
Gondoliers are to face spot breathalyser checks in a cr ...  | Read..