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Tsunami: A suitable name

Port Blair, Jan. 1: He has an unforgettable name.

'It is a beautiful name and I hope that he grows up to be as strong as his name suggests,' said the mother of the five-day-old boy called Tsunami.

Searching for a suitable moniker was turning out to be a headache for Namita Roy when a paediatrician at GB Pant Hospital here suggested the one name that nobody is likely to forget for a long time.

The Roys certainly won't because Namita had to snatch her life from the jaws of death to give birth to the boy, who is now the centre of attention at a school-turned-relief camp here.

'I can still remember the sufferings from the moment we lost our home in Hut Bay,' said Lakshmi Narayan Roy, who fled his crumbling house minutes after the earthquake.

'My wife was pregnant and in an advanced stage. Namita finally delivered the baby deep inside a jungle near Hut Bay. Both mother and child were fine but I was desperate to leave Hut Bay,' Roy said.

Two days ago, a ship rescued the family and brought them to Port Blair, where both mother and child were admitted in hospital for a routine check-up before being taken to the relief camp.

Ever since they set foot on the camp, the 500-odd people there who have lost their homes have found something to cheer about. 'Since your elder son is Sourav, you should call your younger son Sachin,' one of them suggested. Others thought Sanjay or Soumen was better.

'When the doctor and some of our friends in the camp suggested that it won't be a bad idea to name the child Tsunami, we readily agreed. Perhaps, this was the name we were looking for,' said Lakshmi Narayan, a small-time trader.

Six-year-old Sourav was at hand to help his mother wrap little Tsunami in a piece of cloth, distributed by the rehabilitation organisation that is now ensuring that the baby gets proper nutrition.

'Sourav is very caring. He understands that he might not have seen this joyous moment of having a little brother,' Namita said.

With Tsunami in their arms, the Roys are already planning to rebuild their homes.

Originally from Hooghly, both Lakshmi Narayan and Namita are not sure where their dreams lie. 'I have not yet decided whether I will go back to Hut Bay or not. But I hope that Tsunami, if and when I return to Hut Bay, will signal the end of disaster around the world,' he said.

Namesake in Kerala

Another Tsunami was born in Kerala's Alapuzha district.

Kutten and Priyanka of Valiyazheekal decided to name their daughter Tsunami after her miraculous escape from the killer waves.

The naming ceremony was conducted today at the Kayamkulam government hospital. Priyanka is undergoing treatment in the hospital for the injuries she suffered when the waves struck.

The mother and daughter were rescued by a relative when the waves hit their home.

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