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Aid worth $2-billion descends on Asia
A multinational force of aid workers, military aircraft and ships descended on Asia as global tsunami relief pledges topped $2 billion, but the hundreds of tonnes of aid created a logistical nightmare. ...  | Read.. 
Adamant Ukraine PM quits
Viktor Yanukovich said yesterday he was resigning as Ukraine's prime minister, but refused to concede defeat in a presidential poll as a vast New Year crowd feted liberal Vik ...  | Read.. 
Italy PM attack
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was slightly injured yesterday when a tourist threw a camera tripod at him in a packed Rome square, an official from the Prime Minist ...  | Read.. 
Zarqawi in deaths claim
Militants from a group led by al Qaida ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said they had killed five members of the Iraqi National Guard and warned those working with the US-backed gov ...  | Read.. 
(Top) Swedish Karin Svaerd (right) rushes towards her children Filip (left), Anton (third from left) and Viktor (fourth from left) as the first tsuna ...  | Read
Stone haunted by Alexander flop
The Hollywood film director Oliver Stone said on Thursday that the flop in America of his '83 m..  | Read.. 
Trek in wasteland of death
For five days, the three friends walked across a 153-km wasteland of dea..  | Read.. 
Argentina begins new year on grim note
Argentina began the New Year on a grim note as families ide ...  | Read.. 

Zardari vows to fight Musharraf regime
Asif Ali Zardari, who arrived here to an emotional family r ...  | Read.. 

US military arrives with help in Aceh
Substantial help finally began reaching refugees in Indones ...  | Read.. 

Prisoners to help in clearing work
Thailand, facing its worst natural disaster in living memor ...  | Read.. 

Orphan adopt rush in Lanka
Grieving families of children who died in the tsunamis ...  | Read..