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Panic wave
“Waves are coming! Waves are coming!” Thousands scrambled inland at Nagapattinam, shouting. On Sunday, there was no alert and 125,000 are now feared to have died in the tsunamis. ...  | Read.. 
Relief advice: Be kind enough to give cash
Relief groups have some friendly advice for people who want to lend a helping hand to desperate tsunami survivors: Don't donate that old sweater or a loaf of bread. Just send ...  | Read.. 
Can't predict quake, can predict tsunami'
December 26, the day scientists failed the world. If such a story is ever written, it could start with what a US scientist said: “We tried to do what we could ...  | Read.. 
The full fury of the tsunami explodes on the tourists on a Thai beach on December 26. (AFP) ...  | Read
Everybody else told us to run, so we ran

in Nagapattinam
To God, an age-old question
It is one of the oldest, most profound questions, posed by some of the most learned minds of every ...  | Read..
Arrows bring tribe tidings
For once, the coast guard chopper did not mind retreating under fire. ...  | Read..
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Run, run... the monster's coming
It was exactly 11.50 am. I was enjoying a cup of tea at the tribal we ...   | Read.. 
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Death rage at hospital
Patients ran helter-skelter when a 1,500-strong mob went on the rampag ...   | Read.. 
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125,000 dead, 5 million on the brink
The death toll in the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster soared above 125,000 t ...   | Read.. 
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Anil Kumble ends year as No. 1
Three days after Team India vice-captain Rahul Dravid emerged the high ...   | Read.. 
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Aid crusade amid revelry
Rs 47.20 ' a donation towards tsunami relief to salute, not scoff at. ...   | Read.. 
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The conquest of power
There are moments in contemporary affairs which are imbued with too much hi ...   | Read.. 
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Anil pitch for bonus at board meeting
Anil Ambani had proposed a bonus issue at Monday's board meeting when he f ...   | Read..