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UN faces costliest relief effort
The tsunami that crashed into coastlines across southern Asia is likely to present the United Nations with its biggest and costliest relief effort, the UN emergency relief coordinator said yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Sunnis in no vote poll plan
Plagued by violence and fearing reprisals, many of Iraq's Sunnis said today they had resolved to stay at home on election day long before Osama bin Laden said anyone who ...  | Read.. 
Zardari gets passport, free to travel abroad
Pakistani authorities issued a passport to the husband of Opposition-leader-in-exile Benazir Bhutto today and also removed his name from a list of people barred from travell ...  | Read.. 
Coral reefs lost forever
The tsunami which killed hundreds of people in southern Thailand may also have killed the coral reefs which attract large numbers of foreign tourists, a Thai marine scientist ...  | Read.. 
Zulkifli Mohamad Nor cries at his home in Penang, Malaysia, after describing how the tsunami waves killed five of his seven children in Pasir Panjang, ...  | Read
Survivors struggle in a sea of devastation and debris
Survivors in seven countries on the shores of the Indian Ocean scrabbled frantically through debris..  | Read.. 
Race over, Ukraine minister found dead
Ukrainian authorities opened a criminal probe today into the death of the transport minister, found..  | Read.. 
Lankans unite to salvage torn lives
Sri Lankans of all castes and creeds pulled together today ...  | Read..