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Britain kiss list curls lip at Bollywood misses
Alas for Kareena Kapoor, the Bollywood star figures nowhere in the wish list of actresses that men in Britain ' this includes Asians ' would most like to kiss....  | Read.. 
Holy sip turns young pious
Since introducing its own brand of lager this fall, St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill has seen an influx of 20 ...  | Read.. 
Strife in Santa sweatshops
It is the week before Christmas, and Santa's helpers are restless. In fact, they have been demonstrating their disconten ...  | Read.. 
Galaxy boom closer home
(Reuters): Billions of years after a galactic 'baby boom', a NASA spacecraft has detected dozens of newborn galaxies in ...  | Read.. 
Manhattan Monkeys around with Bush
A portrait of President George W. Bush using monkeys to form his image that was banished from a New York art show last week ...  | Read.. 
Is your house paper-proof'
November, 1995. Sabita Bhattacharya, a housewife from Budge Budge, books a flat near Dum Dum Airport with a down payment of Rs 1,50,000. She gives a bearer's check to the buil...  | Read.. 
Check-out: Just a tinkle away from help
It sounds unbelievable, but it's true! Indian consumers will soon have an exclusive consumer helpline ' a number they can call from anywhere in the country; a helpline, that w...  | Read.. 
Actor Ethan Hawke (centre) watches an NBA game at Madison Square Garden in New York. (AFP)