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In harmony
Nary a word did Japan's ambassador, Yasukuni Enoki, breathe, when speaking in Calcutta under Bengal Initiative auspices, about the far-reaching defence policy guidelines unveiled in Tokyo only a few hours before. He could get away with it only in a c...  | Read.. 
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The dogs know better
Sir ' The report, 'Curb criminals, muzzle mongrels (Dec 15), was heart-warming. Despite the arch re ...  | Read.. 
Save a life
Sir ' I am a retired NRI physician who has trained at some of the world's largest and best-known tr ...  | Read.. 
How old are Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur' How old are all the people who have been shocked or titillated by their having ...| Read.. 
To thine own self be true
We set up lofty ideals for ourselves only to compromise with them to save our skins. The commonest example is the resolve nev...  | Read.. 
Hidden in wonder and snow, or sudden with summer/ This land stares at the sun in a huge silence/ Endlessly repeating something we cannot hear/ Inarticulate, arctic,/ Not written on by history, empty as paper,/ It leans away from the world with songs in its lakes/ Older than love, and lost in the miles. ' R.F. SCOTT
word and action
He's translated A Suitable Boy into Hindi and has an impressive bloodline. But governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi would rather be k...  | Read.. 
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