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Terror law blow to Blair
Britain's top court delivered a severe jolt to Prime Minister Tony Blair's post-September 11 security policies today by ruling against the detention of nine foreign terrorism suspects without trial. ...  | Read.. 
22 Maoists killed by troops
Nepali troops shot dead 22 Maoist rebels in gun battles across the west of the Himalayan country today, as violence spiralled a day after 20 soldiers were killed by the guerr ...  | Read.. 
Saddam sees lawyer for first time
Saddam Hussein met a lawyer today for the first time since he was arrested a year ago, his defence team said. ...  | Read.. 
UK army shake-up
Britain announced today the most radical shake-up in decades of its army, already stretched in areas including Iraq and Afghanistan, to create a smaller and more flexible for ...  | Read.. 
Matt Damon at the screening of Ocean's Twelve in a Berlin cinema. (Reuters)
Liv-ing it up
Holiday greeting virus on the panel
The Zafi.D worm, which disguises itself as an e-mail holiday greeting, is currently the most freque..  | Read.. 
Prove if fit for club, EU tells Turkey
The European Commission president urged Turkey today 'to go the extra mile' to show Europeans it is..  | Read.. 
Greek siege
A Greek bus hostage siege ended peacefully today when all 2 ...  | Read..